Empower your efficient communication through omnichannels

01Easily build conversational scripts

Providing a variety of response cards to support user build conversational scripts. With drag-and-drop elements, you are equip to make more direct and natural dialogs to increase customer experience.

02 Get started with domain templates

Providing the ready-to-use domain templates such as Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance, Logistics, E-commerce, etc. Quickly get started with these templates and available training data.

03Quickly create training data

Building training data of intent, entity quickly by importing Excel file.

04Evaluate and improve bot intelligence

Providing Test NLP tool to evaluate AI model with a data test file, and classify the bot prediction results from chat history with customers to improve chatbot's intelligence.

05Connect with business systems CRM, ERP

Transfering the customer information from dialogs to the business systems such as CRM, ERP to interact with customers.

06Integrate with omnichannels

Engage with customers through multi-platforms like Facebook, Zalo, Viber, Telegram, Website and internal communication channels.

07Visual statistical analysis

Displaying the statistics analysis of user activities, bot performance, the number of messages, and scripts to help businesses to make strategic decisions.
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